Pick The Best Machinery For Your Shop

If you want to set up a woodworking shop quickly and easily, just find a distributor of Jet power tools. These top quality woodworking and metalworking tools are found at over 9,000 dealers around the world.

The unique feature of Jet tools is that they are not manufactured in only one place, but in different parts of the world, depending on what specialties the engineers in that part of the world are experts in. They use the best technology available and combine it with materials from specific regions that supply the best of that material.

Jet power tools are noted for their extensive selection of accessories for each tool. Their power saws have the Cyclone Dust Collector and the Parallel clamps, each of which make working with the power saw cleaner, easier and more efficient.
Jet backs all of their power tools with warranties and the many authorized Jet distributors will stand behind these warranties. You can have your Jet power tools maintained or serviced at any of the Jet service centers, which are located all around the world. There is never a problem with spare parts; replacement parts and spare parts are carried by all of these service centers and there is a $3million inventory of parts at any one time.

Jet is the proud recipient of many awards that are granted by the power tool industry. These awards are not lightly bestowed: contenders are compared on every quality and category and price range among all the brands around the world. Magazines that specialize in material for the woodworker, either professional or hobbyist, consistently rate Jet tools as the best brand in the market.

Knowing you have the best quality on the market is assuring, but the variety of tools that Jet offers also makes any job easy for the woodworker. The Jet lathe, the Jet table saw and the Jet Long Bed Jointer are the most popular power tools of the line, and the easiest and most convenient to use.

A specialized item that may interest a woodworker is the portable horizontal band saw. A small saw for big jobs, its light weight and portability make it perfect for bringing to a job site. Adjusting the blades to 45 or 60 degree angles makes it perfect for miter cuts. It has a bi-metal blade that makes it extremely durable and thus able to handle jobs that usually would require a bigger saw.

You can turn your horizontal band saw into a multi-use table saw by using the option floor stand.

Jet wants you to be able to get the most use and enjoyment out of their power tools, so each one of them has a training video in their training series called “Shopclass Series”. Your Jet distributor can provide you with the list of titles of these videos to help yo with just about any job.